About the Site

Beyond the requisite authorial “online presence” stuff, this site provides an informal (re: not exclusively academic) look at the areas I research.

I write (mostly) speculative fiction, and I’ve taught a number of classes at the University of California, Davis and University of Kansas that cover pop music and science fiction tropes. Topics covered here include:

  • connections between science fiction and popular music
  • thoughts on steampunk, retro-futurism, and other nostalgia-related speculative fiction
  • info from my research on 19th-century American science fiction (Edisonades, technocratic dime novels, “steampunk prime,” or whatever we’re calling it)
  • insights from my UC Davis students about nostalgia, steampunk, and fantasy literature
  • occasional posts about my own music-related nostalgia

Thank you for visiting.

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