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Is All Nostalgia Retro? Answer: No

As I researched my paper on science fiction and nostalgia, I came across the work of Svetlana Boym. In many ways, her book–The Future of Nostalgia–is an unintentional answer to SF scholars who protest contemporary science fiction’s use of retro … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Music Panels at Eaton/SFRA

The Eaton Conference went well this weekend. Jason Ellis posted a great digitally curated collection of Twitter posts covering several of the major panels. Still, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s worth listing the musical artists or soundtracks … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Science Fiction Nostalgia in 2012

While researching my paper on Buddy Holly, nostalgia, and retro-futurism for the Eaton/SFRA Science Fiction conference, I came across this interesting exchange from October 2012.  I’ll be mentioning these three essays (at least in passing) during my presentation; they’re worth … Continue reading

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On Teaching Boneshaker; or, Steampunk’s Gritty Nostalgia

What makes steampunk tick?  Is it nostalgia or something else?  I understand nostalgia for the ’50s or the ’80s.  A lot of people are still alive who lived through that.  But why set stories a hundred-plus years in the past? … Continue reading

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