You Sell Wonderment?

I write (mostly) speculative fiction, and I’ve taught science fiction classes at University of California, Davis, including a “Nostalgia and Desiderium” novels class covering pop music and science fiction tropes.  I will intermittently post material that encompasses those endeavors.

Posts usually cover one or more of the following:

  • connections between science fiction and popular music
  • thoughts on steampunk, retro-futurism, and other nostalgia-related speculative fiction
  • info from my research on 19th-century American science fiction (Edisonades, technocratic dime novels, “steampunk prime,” or whatever we’re calling it)
  • insights from my UC Davis students about nostalgia in contemporary novels
  • occasional posts about my own music-related nostalgia
  • the standard author “online presence” stuff: appearances, publication announcements, pictures, etc.

Case in point: the title of this post and this blog comes from an intentionally misspelled lyric by an 80s-era American band. If there are any commenters out there, I’ll award a no-prize to the first one who names the band, song, and album where it appeared. (I always wanted to give one of those out and shall not pass up this chance.)

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2 Responses to You Sell Wonderment?

  1. You’ve made a fun job for yourself, Nate. Congratulations.

    Is Wonderment by Miracle Legion on the album Surprise, Surprise, Surprise to obvious of an answer?

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