I Want More Short Stories (for JGAA)

Some of you know I’m one of the fiction slush readers for James Gunn’s Ad Astra, an online magazine of fiction, poetry, and scholarship published at the University of Kansas.

I want to make a push for more fiction submissions before our spring deadline ends on MARCH 31st.  If you’ve written something great recently or have something in the pipeline, please send it our way.

We’re a paying market ($75 for novelettes, $50 for short stories), with the infrastructure of a major university behind us.  Our issues are published in conjunction with the annual Campbell Conference and Awards Ceremony in the summer, which brings additional readership to our site after the spring publication.

Last year’s issue was our first, and we’re planning to put out two issues in 2013.  I’d really like to read at least one more story before March that just BLOWS ME AWAY.  Could it be yours???

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