Rock Music Nostalgia and the Replacements’ Reunion

The reformation of the Replacements for three just-announced shows at the Riot Fest this summer is a conundrum.  Where’s this leave a ‘Mats fan who devotes time to studying music nostalgia?

The reunion is a big deal.  A big, imperfect deal.  Which is probably the way it should be for this particular, brilliantly inconsistent band:

  • Only two of the original members are playing.
  • They’re playing a festival with several great, iconic indie bands and several bigger bands that colossally suck. Cynics will note that such a scenario seems more like a crass cash-in than an ideal reunion, but…
  • It all seems inspired by a noble cause–calling attention to guitarist Slim Dunlap’s illness and raising funds for his treatment.

Half-assed, slightly crass nobility.  Yeah, that’s the ‘Mats.

Will I go?  Probably not.  I paid my dues on the “stand in direct sunlight on a 100 degree day watching bands from a distance” circuit.  The last one was Austin City Limits Festival in ’06, primarily because Van Morrison was performing–totally worth it, but totally proof that I never need to do it again.

But I don’t think I’m the audience here.  I think this show’s for the generation of Replacements fans who never got a chance to see them live.  And honestly, I’d hate to take a ticket away from one of them just so I can say I went.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how I feel.  Would love to hear others’ thoughts, and no doubt will through various media over the coming weeks.

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1 Response to Rock Music Nostalgia and the Replacements’ Reunion

  1. Matt Tomich says:

    sure, you wouldn’t be seeing something you hadn’t seen before, and just with 600x more people.

    but any time those guys are using their god-given gift of playing music somewhere instead of sitting at home, the world is a better place.

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