Articles Initiate Site Changes

I’ve changed a few items on this site.  Most significantly, I’ve added a “Teaching” page and copied that portion of my CV there.  This was done to make the CV shorter and more manageable.

As I’ve said before, this site does double or triple duty: as an “author online presence” and as a blog.  Thus, I’m never 100% sure how much detail folks want about my academic work.  This isn’t a professorial website for me; it’s more of an opportunity to obsess publicly about the things I research and teach (in a much less formal voice).

That said, my formal-sounding voice is going to be out in two essays published sometime in the near future:

  • Utopian Studies accepted my article on the futuristic utopian elements of U.S. social activist George Lippard’s massive serial novel, The Quaker City; or, The Monks of Monk Hall. 
  • My essay on the Nick Carter, Detective dime novels from 1880-1920 will be published in an upcoming anthology of scholarship about American crime fiction.  I look at Theodore Dreiser’s stint as a dime novelist prior to writing his own “true crime” novel, An American Tragedy.

Those two items are part of what initiated the updates to my CV.

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