Hugos Online and Worldcon On My Mind

The Hugo Awards are online and I re-watched a bit. A few favorite parts (with time for easy location):

  • SF Squeecast wins for Best Fancast at 1:04:01
  • George R.R. Martin accepts for “Blackwater” HBO episode at 1:44:40
  • Pat Cadigan wins for Best Novelette at 2:14:45

I’m still decompressing from Worldcon travel followed immediately by a flood of term papers/final exams for my Early American Literature class at Davis.

I had a great time. Lots of ups and downs as panels shifted and friends arrived/left. I enjoyed two panels on James Gunn’s influence and was lucky enough to be a panelist at one. It was nice to participate in AboutSF’s Teaching Workshop, which let me to talk about business and technical writing.

Here’s a photo from Keith Stokes’ photo site of the AboutSF Teaching Workshop. That’s Marianne Dyson, me, Mackenzie VanBeest, and Val Ontell (L to R).


And one from the panel of James Gunn’s former students.  Honored to be up there with Mike Page, Chris McKitterick, Kij Johnson, Gary K. Wolfe and John Kessel (L to R). [I wish Brad Denton and Pat Cadigan could’ve been on this one, but Pat participated in another panel about Jim the following day and Brad was traveling after two hectic days as panelist, MC, and music maker.]


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