I Blame Star Wars and Bruce Springsteen

I found this chart (see below) in an old notebook.  It’s my first attempt to graphically explain how science fiction and rock music are connected in my nostalgia.

I’ve said that I blame pretty much every cool thing that happened to be prior to the age of 15 to either Bruce Springsteen or Star Wars.  I forgot, however, that I’d attempted to actually visualize it prior to starting You Sell Wonderment.

So here’s the chart–tracing all my musical tastes back to Star Wars (which got me to watch Lucas’s American Graffiti at an impressionable age) and Springsteen.  If you’ve got one, share it with me.  I know I’m not the only one who does this stuff…

Star Wars and Springsteen graphic

(Some of it’s hard to read, esp. Graham Parker and John Hiatt’s names on the right.  The illegible note after the Ramones in the center is about Phil Spector producing their 5th album. )

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