Scott Westerfeld & Justine Larbalestier Interview is Out

The interview Laurie Glover and I did with YA science-fiction giants Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier is now out.

It appears in the Spring 2014 issue of Writing on the Edge (WOE), pages 96-106.  It’s not available online, so Larbalestier/Westerfeld fans and researchers will need to order a copy directly from Writing on the Edge.  Copies are $15.

The interview is titled “Change the Ruling Science,” a reference to one of the ways they create new worlds.  We discuss many influences on their work including travel, presentations at public schools, life in Australia compared to the U.S., and developments in YA publishing.  We spend significant time talking about Scott’s Leviathan, Uglies, and Peeps and Justine’s How to Ditch Your Fairy and Magic and Madness.

BONUS:  We also discuss the genesis of their soon-to-be-published works.  I’m now completely stoked to read Scott’s upcoming comedic tribute to YA publishing, Afterworlds, and Justine’s new, gritty Australian historical novel, Razorhurst.

I want to thank editor David Maisel, co-author Laurie Glover, and of course Justine and Scott.

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