I’m Missing Bradley Denton’s Show at ConQuesT

I noticed a month or two back that the Center for the Study of Science Fiction’s Writers Workshop website now has a picture of author Bradley Denton and me playing guitars.  Sure was fun. 2012-Denton-Williams-playing Tonight, probably at the moment I’m typing this, Brad is getting ready for one of his biggest, best annual performances.  Because of my travels to the Library of Congress and the American Literature Association, I’m missing it.

Each year at ConQuest — Kansas City’s annual science fiction convention — artist James Hollaman hosts an event called RoomCon.  It’s basically an all-night party in a hotel room featuring Brad playing guitar with whatever band shows up. (Currently, Caroline Spector is the regular bassist/co-conspirator).  Denton’s alter ego, “Bland Lemon Denton” bills himself as the world’s oldest and worst blues man.

These shows are joyful, loud, sing-a-long affairs of Springsteenian proportions: four-plus hours of covers from The Rolling Stones to Robert Earle Keen to Roky Erikson.  Always a good time, and a great example of how the spirit of rock and roll lives in science fiction circles.

Brad’s new novella collection is out.  Should be read by anyone with a pulse.

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