Neko Case and Kelly Hogan’s “Droids” is Awesome and Snarky

One of my favorite musical memories is watching these ladies perform back-to-back sets at the legendary Grand Emporium in Kansas City in 2000.   Now, they’re tackling science-fiction fandom and coming up with some pretty funny stuff.

Some people are already saying they think the song is an outdated stereotype of SF culture.  Others are essentially saying “it’s just a joke” and don’t make a big deal out of it.  Actually, it’s better than that.  The timing seems perfect given the recent, thoughtful-but-heated discussion about sexism at SF conventions and in SF publishing (if you don’t know, just Google it–way too many links to post here).  And, the video is darned funny.

I love their list of things they’d like to see in 2091.

I’d nominate this for a “Best Dramatic Short Form” Hugo Award in a heartbeat.

And, if you haven’t listened to Case’s Furnace Room Lullabies or Hogan’s Beneath the Country Underdog, I encourage you to do so ASAP.  Really, all the stuff Bloodshot Records put out between 1995-2005 (including those two great discs) is great.  I’d hate for people to get they idea they just do clever parody songs; both have handled the Patsy Cline/Kitty Wells tradition pretty elegantly.

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