Songs My Old Band Covered (Music Nostalgia)

Every now and then, someone asks me “What did you old band sound like?”  I often answer this by listing a few of the bands we covered rather than trying to explain the music in words.

So, here’s a personal trip into musical nostalgia purgatory.  I think these are all the songs we covered, with a few situational notes tossed in:

  • Man in Need—Richard and Linda Thompson (we butchered it at our first show, never played it again)
  • Temptation—New Order (when sung with a twang, the chorus almost sounds like a Gene Autry cowboy number)
  • Sweet Revenge—John Prine (played at Social Distortion speed/sound)
  • Gun Sale at the Church—The Beat Farmers
  • I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry—Hank Williams (Note: we killed this, >3,000 mph)
  • Little Red Riding Hood—Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
  • Never Even Called Me by My Name—Steve Goodman/David Allan Coe (Done fairly regularly until we realized everybody covers it)
  • Cold Water—Tom Waits (a Mule Variations classic)
  • Johnny Bye Bye—Bruce Springsteen (a favorite B-side)
  • Cadillac Ranch—Bruce Springsteen
  • Miracle Man—Elvis Costello
  • Suspicious Minds—Elvis Presley
  • Maybe Baby, Tell Me How, & Not Fade Away—Buddy Holly (at our annual “Buddy Holly Tribute” show, we’d play these, then let anyone who wanted to play a Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper, or Buddy cover take the stage)
  • Take Me Down to the Hospital—The Replacements (played while opening for the Scaries at El Torreon Ballroom, mostly so Matt Tomich would sing along)
  • Dignified and Old—The Modern Lovers (at EP release at Recycled Sounds)
  • Gun—Uncle Tupelo (sung at the end of a show with the Down Trunks, with me imitating Robert Pollard)

Now, we never played a show where we did all of these in one night.  Our shows were 80%-90% original material, but these were the songs I vividly remember doing onstage.

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