2016 End-of-Year Items

It’s the end of 2016, and I’m using it for the usual shameless plugs.  A lot of my work from 2016 won’t be appearing until next year or later:

  • My non-fiction book is under double-blind peer review at a university press
  • Two articles should be out in book collections next year, one in the Cambridge History of Science Fiction and one in Routledge’s Centrality of Crime Fiction in American Literature.

The other professional highlights from this year:

  • Published a short story.
  • Presented a paper at American Literature Association.
  • Taught half of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction’s novel course at University of Kansas.
  • Helped run the academic-track at the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City.
  • Traveled to Big Sur, Santa Cruz, and other regional sites.

I feel like I haven’t read/heard enough good stuff this year, at least not to have anything to champion right now.  I’ll post my to-reads and to-listens in a separate entry later.

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