Forget ‘Best of 2016.’ Here’s the ‘Catch-Up in 2017’ List.

I only get to read/watch a fraction of the things I want to during a year.  So I asked friends over on Facebook to recommend one thing from 2016 that I should experience, be it book, film, comic or otherwise.  Here’s a partial consolidated list with my comments:

  • Station Eleven (novel that clearly has staying power and crossover appeal)
  • Manifest Destiny (comics series)
  • Paul Simon, Stranger to Stranger (album that I’ve really enjoyed over the year, esp. opening track, “The Werewolf”)
  • Providence (comics series by Alan Moore, which I will definitely read though I’m likely not cut out for his 1,000+-word novel, Jerusalem).
  • Swans, The Glowing Man (album)
  • Midnight Special (a film that I missed completely but will now seek out)
  • City of Blades (part of Robert Jackson Bennett series that sounds very cool)
  • Hark, A Vagrant (web comic series)
  • Miss Sloan (film)
  • This is Us (TV series)
  • Rotör (band, who clearly understand how to use röck umlauts)
  • Hell or High Water (I loved this movie)
  • The Book of Ralph (novel by Christopher Steinsvold with a pretty funny SF premise)
  • I Contain Multitudes (non-fiction book by Ed Yong)
  • Black Mirror
  • The Arrival
  • Westworld (these last three are shoe-ins that I just haven’t been able to fit in yet)


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