Oxford Fantasy Class

In four weeks, I taught seven novels at Jesus College, Oxford and oversaw multiple day trips. Examples?

  • After reading Alice in Wonderland, we visited Christ Church College in Oxford where Lewis Carroll taught and took a boat ride down the Isis River to see the meadows where he’d picnic with the Liddell Family.
  • After reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader, we visited Magdelen College where Lewis taught and followed the path at Addison’s Walk (where Tolkien convinced Lewis to convert to Christianity).
  • Before finishing Fellowship of the Ring, we went to Stonehenge and looked at the barrows around the area.
  • After finishing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we took the Harry Potter Studio tour outside London.
  • After finishing The Book of Dust, we ate at the Trout pub and walked the ruins of the Abbey nearby (both prominently featured in Pullman’s book).

I’m posting a few pictures below:

We also enjoyed following the English team during the World Cup, playing Aunt Sally, and many other events.

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