Gears and God Reviewed in Extrapolation

My book on 19th-century American science fiction was reviewed in the journal Extrapolation. I’m linking to the review’s first page, although the rest of it is behind an academic paywall that will prevent most folks from reading the whole thing.

Kudos to the folks at University of Alabama Press for quickly getting an excerpt up on the book’s Amazon sales page!

Reviewer James Hamby definitely understands the book’s bigger mission. Here’s a quote:

Many of the issues first raised by these [American SF] novels over a century ago, such as imperialism or the mistaken belief that scientific advancement always signifies social progress, are still very much with us today. This study serves as a valuable reminder of the complexity and cultural significance that can exist in forgotten and overlooked works of literature.

When I started this project almost a decade ago, I wasn’t sure anyone would see the value of reading a lot of proto-steampunk, inventor novels. I’m glad the book’s intentions came through.

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