Updates for Early 2021

I haven’t posted for a few months for fairly simple reasons.* Yes, teaching 3 college classes remotely while overseeing two elementary schoolers’ online education is hard. Props to all the others out there doing something similar.

I haven’t sold any stories since last April, but I have several projects in the pipeline:

  • Revising a couple of short stories almost ready to send out.
  • Pulling together a long-term research article involving Mark Twain’s “A Murder, A Mystery, and a Marriage” novelette.
  • Reading (or re-reading after decades) some of Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir’s Destroyer novels in hopes of doing a post on this site similar to the one I did for Doc Savage earlier.

In general academic work-life news:

These are trying times. Stay sane. Stay safe.

*oh, and WordPress’s editing software redesign is utter, high-maintenance garbage.

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