What I Read & Stuff I’ve Enjoyed: 2021

I’m posting what I read last year along with a short list of a few things I enjoyed.

General Stuff I Enjoyed in 2021

  • The single “Let’s Do It Again” by the Reigning Sound, which is really this year’s theme song
  • New music by two great Kansas City bands, Passerine Dream and Namelessnumberheadman
  • The Sparks Brothers documentary
  • Andy Stewart’s book, We Shall Sing a Song into the Deep
  • Reprints of Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck comics from the 70s
  • The TV series Stargirl, which has been fun father/daughter viewing
  • The Bandsplain podcast, even though Spotify may have stolen the name and I never quite make it to the end

Leisure Reading List for 2021 (not a year’s best list)

This list doesn’t include re-reads, non-fiction/biography, comics, or material read for research. If I read it to “accomplish” something, it’s not on here. I do count books I blasted through in grad school and promised myself I’d read at leisure sometime, hence the presence of stuff like Passing and Mardi.

Compared to most writers and academics, I am a sloooow reader. Maybe other folks with ADD can relate. I’ve been playing catch up for most of my adult life. So, I feel guilty and “imposter syndrome” phony that this list isn’t longer, but proud of the fairly eclectic list under my circumstances.

  • The Dragon Waiting
  • All Systems Red
  • Terror Squad/Mugger Blood/Brain Drain (The Destroyer series)
  • Forced Perspectives
  • The Long Valley
  • Camp Concentration
  • The Hustler
  • Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down
  • Mardi
  • We Shall Sing a Song into the Deep
  • Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters /Seymour, an Introduction
  • Age of the Pussyfoot
  • On Basilisk Station
  • Baltasar and Blimunda
  • Main Street
  • Masters of Atlantis
  • His Majesty’s Dragon
  • Swann’s Way
  • The Moviegoer
  • The Shadow Laughs/The Grove of Doom/Dead Men Live (The Shadow series)
  • The Real Cool Killers
  • From a Buick 8
  • Passing
  • Swan Song
  • Doomsday Book
  • Down and Out in Paris and London
  • Jane Eyre

NOTE: I fought WordPress’s block editor ferociously while formatting this. Apologies for typos.

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